The Decanting Dilemma

Addressing Building Defects and the Mass Relocation of 72 Flats

In the heart of the bustling city, residents of Morea Mews were faced with a distressing situation when building defects were discovered. The gravity of the situation required the decanting of 72 flats, forcing residents to temporarily relocate so that the original developer could carry out necessary repair works.

Act 1

Uncovering the Building Defects The first signs of trouble appeared when residents started experiencing recurring issues such as leaks, cracks, and electrical malfunctions. Concerned about the structural integrity of their homes, the client turned to an external party who referred them to Habitare, as we had experience with dealing with defects with national house builders. Upon instruction, A thorough investigation by independent experts revealed significant building defects, including faulty plumbing, inadequate fire safety measures, and compromised structural elements.

Act 2

Assessing the Safety Risks With the building defects assessed and documented, the local authorities intervened to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents. Experts conducted a detailed risk assessment, concluding that immediate action was required to address the hazards posed by the defects.

Act 3

Arranging Temporary Accommodation, via the original developer and its 3rd parties, a collaborative effort to secure suitable temporary accommodation for the displaced residents. Working tirelessly, they explored various options, including nearby vacant apartments and temporary housing facilities, ensuring that the relocation process would be as smooth and convenient as possible.

Act 4

Engaging the Original Developer, The original developer, upon learning of the severity of the building defects, acknowledged their responsibility and committed to rectifying the issues promptly. A comprehensive plan was developed to address each defect systematically, ensuring compliance with building regulations and industry standards. The developer collaborated closely with Resident management company and expert consultants to execute the repair works efficiently and effectively.


The decanting of 72 flats due to building defects at Morea Mews was a challenging and disruptive ordeal for the residents. However, through the collective efforts of Resident Management Company, us as agents and the original developer, and various support services, the necessary repairs have been scheduled. This case study serves as a reminder of the importance of proactive building inspections, effective collaboration between stakeholders, and robust support systems in mitigating the impact of building defects on residents’ lives.