The Battle for NHBC Funds

Confronting Building Defects in the External Wall System


Residents of Memorial Heights were living in blissful ignorance until cracks started appearing on the exterior walls of their buildings. Concerned about the structural integrity and safety of their homes, they embarked on a challenging journey to obtain NHBC funds to rectify the building defects related to the external wall system.

Act 1

Discovery of Building Defects began when cracks appeared on the external wall and was noticed by us on a routine inspection. Alarmed, we soon discovered more cracks in other areas of the building. An emergency meeting was organized with the resident management company, and a collective decision was made to investigate the cause and seek a solution.

Act 2

Engaging Experts and Investigations Determined to find answers, we hired a construction expert to conduct further investigations. The experts discovered that the external wall system had been improperly installed during the initial construction phase, leading to compromised structural integrity and potential safety hazards.

Act 3

The NHBC Funds Quest Armed with expert reports, embarked on the uphill battle of applying for funds from the National House Building Council (NHBC). They meticulously compiled evidence of the building defects, documented the financial impact on homeowners, and built a strong case for the NHBC’s intervention.

Act 4

The NHBC’s Review Process rejected the application twice. This was appealed on both occasions by Habitare, The NHBC, recognizing the gravity of the situation, launched a comprehensive review of the case. The residents had to endure months of waiting, anxious for a positive outcome. The NHBC’s investigators inspected each affected apartment, scrutinized the evidence, and interviewed residents.

Act 5

Success against the Odds After what felt like an eternity, the NHBC finally reached a decision. They acknowledged the building defects in the external wall system, agreeing that the responsibility lay with the original construction company. In a surprising turn of events, the NHBC approved the requested funds.


The journey of the Memorial Heights residents was a testament to their resilience and determination. Through meticulous research, collaboration with experts, and a compelling case presented to the NHBC, they were successful in obtaining the necessary funds to address the building defects in their external wall system. Their victory not only restored the safety and structural integrity of their homes but also set a precedent for future cases, emphasizing the importance of accountability and support for homeowners facing similar challenges.