Imagine block maintenance. What comes to mind? Does it seem chaotic and stressful? Managing a block of flats can feel like a heavy responsibility, from unexpected lift malfunctions to new fire safety regulations that must be followed. The sheer amount of legislation and legal obligations can be overwhelming.

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At Habitare, we want to change how you think about block management. It’s not just about the building anymore – it’s about you, your home, and everyone living on your block. As an RMC director, you signed up to be a leader and take responsibility because you care. But we know it can be challenging if you have the wrong property management company.

We understand that trust and loyalty are essential to a successful business relationship, especially when it comes to block management. We’re here to make your life easier and remove the stress so you and everybody in your block can focus on living your best life!

Customer service is our top priority, and we believe that a bad experience ruins more than just a reputation – it can destroy relationships and trust. We’re committed to making both of those areas shine. Let us show you how we practice what we preach and reimagine block maintenance.

We know you’re tired of dealing with specialists who make too many mistakes or don’t know enough. That’s why we’re here – we have the expertise, innovation, transparency, and compassion to change the way you view block maintenance. Everything we do is designed with the best resources and genuine customer care.


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Regular inspections by an experienced Property Manager are essential for ensuring the proper upkeep of a property. We'll closely monitor the condition of your property and promptly identify any maintenance or repair needs.

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Resident Surgeries

Our Resident Surgeries offer a valuable opportunity for open dialogue, where residents can voice their concerns, provide feedback, and engage in meaningful discussions to shape the future of their community.

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Our Secretarial Services provide comprehensive support, handling all administrative tasks and ensuring accurate record-keeping, so you can focus on the smooth operation of your block and the well-being of its residents.


Contractor Management

Our Contractor Management service ensures that all contractors adhere to our Contractor Charter, guaranteeing that they meet our rigorous standards of professionalism, reliability, and exceptional service.


Management of On-Site Staff

We ensure efficient and effective coordination of on-site staff, providing clear direction, support, and supervision to create a harmonious and well-managed environment for residents.


Collection of Service Charges

Our Collection of Service Charges service ensures timely and efficient collection of service charges, allowing for transparent financial management and the uninterrupted delivery of essential block management services.

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Emergency Out of hours

Our Emergency Out of Hours service provides round-the-clock support, ensuring that urgent issues and emergencies are promptly addressed, bringing you peace of mind even outside regular working hours.

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Exceptional Customer Care

At Habitare, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer care, going above and beyond to exceed our client’s expectations and ensure their utmost satisfaction with our services.

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In-House Accounts Team

Our dedicated In-House Accounts Team provides meticulous financial management, ensuring transparency and accuracy in all financial matters, so you can have complete confidence in the financial health of your block.

“Great customer service. Very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with, highly recommend.”

Drew Joseph