5 Responsibilities of an RMC Director Within a Block Property

As you know managing a block property can be a challenging task, however, with some help and support, it is not as complex as it seems to manage your RMC director responsibilities.

You may wonder what the role of a property manager or RMC director entails. While it might pose some challenges, with the right learning and skills, you can effectively manage your property. That’s why we have prepared this guide to give you an overview of a few key responsibilities of an RMC director. 

Let us take a look at the 5 key RMC director responsibilities. 

1. Make Informed Decisions

As an RMC director, your primary responsibility is to make informed decisions within your block property. 

Every decision you make has either a positive or a negative impact on your building. Regardless of whether it’s undertaking repairs or conducting regular inspections, make sure that your decision is in the best interests of your property’s residents. 

Whether it’s landscaping or repairs it’s important that you have the right support and hire professionals who will deliver the right quality whilst making the most of your budget. This way you can cut substantial costs within your block property, allowing more budget to be spent on the residents.

2. Schedule Regular Meetings 

As an RMC director, it is crucial you schedule regular meetings to keep your residents in the loop regarding the developments in your block property. These meetings can be an opportunity to raise concerns and take necessary actions to address them. 

Regular meetings help keep residents in the loop about what’s happening in your apartment block and address any concerns. Ensure that your residents are well aware of important changes happening within your property. Failure to do so may lead to residents questioning your effectiveness as an RMC director. 

By conducting regular meetings with residents, you can smoothly adhere to your RMC director responsibilities. Given that, you can ensure resident satisfaction while managing your block property. 

3. Understand the Role of the RMC Director 

By understanding your role as property manager, you can more easily gauge the responsibilities of managing your property. 

Your job as an RMC director is to ensure that your property is in its best condition. How can you do that? By taking actionable steps in terms of managing your property’s finances, collecting charges on time, cleaning communal areas, and more importantly, keeping your residents happy. 

Some key RMC director responsibilities include – undertaking timely inspections, hiring contractors and managing accounts whilst ensuring the health and safety of your residents. 

4. Actively Listen to Your Residents

By understanding the concerns of your residents, you’ll be in a better position to tackle them more effectively. 

Your residents should be invited to provide active feedback, suggestions and input that can be beneficial for your property. Such input can often make your property run more smoothly and without any hassle. 

For example, if one of your residents has a plumbing emergency, they may look to you as the RMC Director for support. It’s your responsibility to handle the situation in a way that benefits both the residents and your property, depending on the nature of each situation. 

5. Maintain Accurate Documentation 

Whilst typically rare, legal involvement can sometimes arise against RMC directors. A single legal error is enough to land you and your property in trouble. However, maintaining proper documentation can help prevent such problems. 

Disputes and conflicts among residents are a common scenario. In such a case, as an RMC director, it is your responsibility to tackle such issues keeping in mind the interests of all the parties involved. 

By keeping accurate details of issues, great and small, as they arise you minimise the opportunity for confusion and ambiguity later down the line, if needed. For help and support on what kind of documentation you may need and how to implement it, we recommend seeking advice from a block management company. With a wealth of experience supporting RMC Directors, they’ll be able to provide actionable support and effective strategies for keeping records. 

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To excel in your RMC director responsibilities, it is important you make wise decisions and adhere to the rules and regulations of your title. However, if you get overwhelmed, consider seeking professional assistance. If you need support, we can help

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