How Habitare Addresses External Wall System Flaws for Building Integrity

It is no secret that the integrity of a building is especially important to maintain the safety, durability and overall energy efficiency of the property and with this, the importance of external wall systems should not be understated. 

External wall systems are your building’s defence mechanism, especially against environmental stressors such as high winds, extreme wet weather and physical damage. 

While these systems are generally reliable, they can still have flaws, which can affect your building’s overall health. Fortunately, Habitare can help, offering unique solutions to address and prevent these defects. 

In light of that, let’s understand how Habitare’s proactive approach helped in rectifying external wall systems flaws at Memorial Heights, an apartment building that we recently worked with. 

Using this client as a case study, you will gain insight into the importance of robust external wall systems and the cutting-edge solutions employed by Habitare to uphold and enhance building integrity.

Compromised Structural Integrity at Memorial Heights – How It All Started?

Memorial Heights residents were blissfully unaware until cracks began to show up on the exterior walls of their buildings. Fearing for their home’s safety and structural soundness, they set out on a difficult quest to get NHBC funding to fix the building flaws in the external wall panel system.

External wall systems are essential for maintaining a building’s overall structural durability and energy efficiency. Typical problems are water intrusion, which can cause moisture and the formation of mould or thermal inefficiency, which raises energy bills and lowers occupant comfort. 

Along with this, structural weaknesses can jeopardise the building’s longevity and safety. These defects not only compromise a structure’s durability and habitability but also provide serious financial difficulties for upkeep and repairs.

The discovery of building defects began when cracks appeared on the external wall and were noticed by our team on a routine inspection. Alarmed, we soon discovered more cracks in other areas of the building and knew we had to investigate further. 

An emergency meeting was organised with the resident management company, and a collective decision was made to investigate the cause and seek a solution.

Exploring Solutions And Strategies

As a responsible Block Management company based in London, we hired a construction expert to conduct further investigations and help us find a solution. 

Upon inspection, the experts discovered that the building’s external wall system wasn’t installed correctly during its initial construction phase, meaning compromised structural integrity and potential safety hazards.

The NHBC Funds Quest armed with expert reports embarked on the uphill battle of applying for funds from the National House Building Council (NHBC). They meticulously compiled evidence of the building defects, documented the financial impact on homeowners and built a strong case for the NHBC’s intervention

Unfortunately, the review process was rejected twice by the National Housing Board (NHBC). Both times, Habitare appealed the denial. Realising the urgency of the case, NHBC initiated a thorough review of the situation.

For months, the residents waited patiently as they waited for a decision. The investigators visited each affected unit, reviewed evidence and spoke to residents. At last, the noted building defects were found in the exterior wall system and the NHBC agreed that the fault lies with the initial construction company. In a surprising turn of events, the request for funds was approved by the NHBC. 

The Memorial Heights resident’s journey is a testament to resilience and perseverance. Not only did they restore the safety and stability of their homes, but they also set a good example for future homeowners facing similar issues.

How We Can Help With External Wall Systems?

Habitare’s all-inclusive strategy for fixing defects in external wall systems starts with a careful diagnosis and evaluation stage. With the use of diagnostic tools, you can precisely pinpoint problems with water intrusion, structural flaws and thermal inefficiencies. 

The resident management team can carry out comprehensive inspections without using intrusive techniques, guaranteeing that the building’s integrity is preserved during the assessment procedure.

After determining the precise weaknesses in the external wall system, Habitare uses a range of cutting-edge techniques and technologies suited to the particular needs of every project. 

Modern insulation materials with low thickness and strong thermal resistance are utilised to address thermal inefficiencies and improve energy efficiency without sacrificing the building’s aesthetics. 

Moreover, waterproofing techniques such as hydrophobic sealants and coatings help to stop moisture intrusion in circumstances of water intrusion. 

To ensure the building’s long-term durability and safety, structural reinforcements are handled through retrofitting procedures that make use of carbon fibre reinforcements and other structural strengthening solutions.

The foundation of Habitare’s approach is partnerships and collaborations, which increase the potency of the offerings. We guarantee adherence to the most recent construction norms and regulations for all interventions through close collaboration with regulatory organisations. 

These partnerships not only improve our calibre and its offerings but also aid in the continuous creation of industry norms, encouraging a culture of excellence and creativity. 

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