6 Core Skills of an Effective Block Manager

There’s no doubt that property management is an enticing career option, offering a stable income and career growth. Block property managers play an important role in the real estate industry, helping building owners maintain and scale their businesses. 

Block management involves taking care of buildings with multiple separate units like apartments, flats, offices or shops. In simple terms, it involves making sure everything within and outside the building is maintained efficiently and tenants are satisfied. 

However, that is not all, for block managers often handle much more than this alone, including everything related to finance, like collecting fees for services and allocating budgets. They also handle many other responsibilities like repairs, administration and resident surgeries with tenants.

No matter how attractive this career option seems, becoming a successful block manager is not easy! Like any other job, there are important skills that you must have to excel. 

At Habitare, we have worked with many property and block managers over the years, assisting them in handling their responsibilities successfully. With this experience, we are aware of the important skills needed for property management. 

So, to help you become the best property manager you can be, we have collated a list of six necessary property manager skills that you should bear in mind. 

Let’s check them out!

1. Clear Communication Skills 

An effective block manager thrives on communication. You are required to engage in frequent conversation with your property owners, landlords, residents, contractors, and their management team. This constant interaction demands expert communication skills to convey messages, coordinate information, and diffuse tense situations in an efficient manner. 

Good communication involves nothing other than clear actionable and defined expectations. If you are unavailable on-site, offering alternative options like online portals ensures contractors, onsite staff and residents can reach you at any time. Mastering this property manager skill promotes transparency and trust, which is essential for effective block management.

2. Coherent Customer Service

Excellent customer service is another important property manager skill that any block manager must have to be successful. In essence, this involves directly being in touch with your tenants, so they can openly voice concerns and suggest feedback. With this, you also need to be adept at addressing problems, have great interpersonal skills and listen patiently. 

Besides this, you must make sure you are easily reachable, respond to questions quickly and fix problems swiftly. In addition to resolving issues and responding to inquiries, you should also maintain constant communication with relevant, involved parties. Remaining professional, while also being friendly and understanding all helps in promoting higher client retention rates.

3. Efficient Organiser

As a block manager, you will be juggling resident inquiries, paperwork, contractor coordination, and maintenance requests, which calls for exceptional organisational skills. Additionally, you must establish streamlined procedures to manage your workload efficiently, avoiding overwhelming yourself or missing out on important duties. 

Creating a clear list of responsibilities and prioritising tasks with a due date is an invaluable tool in your line of work, ensuring tasks are being tackled systematically and nothing falls through the cracks. Efficient organisation is a must-have property management skill if you want to keep everything running smoothly.

4. Flexible and Patient

A capable block manager needs to be both flexible and patient to handle different challenges calmly and effectively. Whether addressing late payments or handling maintenance issues, adaptability is crucial in this line of work. Being flexible also allows you to handle complex situations professionally and politely.

Furthermore, patience is one of the most important property manager skills, especially when you are managing stakeholder expectations and resident concerns. Important for resolving conflicts and maintaining harmony, patience is frequently required in block properties, as you are dealing with a variety of apartments and residents daily. 

5. Proficient in Technology

Being tech-savvy is an indispensable property manager skill as the real estate industry has become a lot more digitalised. The rapid development of technology in the field of property management necessitates you to be on top of this industry trend. 

With the growth of IOT, residents can now digitally control energy-efficient heating and lighting schedules, increasing convenience and value while also improving safety. By having an understanding of these technologies, you can simplify your internal procedures and give residents a better service. 

6. Legislation Understanding

As the primary point of contact for both residents and property owners, a competent block manager must have a deep understanding of legislation, including housing, health and safety regulations. Being on top of regulations comes in handy when tackling different problems and inquiries within your block. 

It is essential to continuously research and educate yourself on the legal side of things, so you can promptly address concerns and convey correct information to stakeholders and residents. Besides this, the regulations of the real estate industry are continuously updated, so you must make yourself aware of these implementations to ensure efficient management and adequate problem-solving. 

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Successful property management is not an easy task! It requires a diverse skill set that often comes with time. However, for a quick solution, you can considerably reduce your workload and make sure you fulfil your responsibilities with external assistance.

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