Essential Tips for Emergencies: A Property Managers Guide

emergency preparedness, firefighters putting out a fire

While daily operations may take up the majority of your time, emergency preparedness must not be neglected. Whether it’s a natural disaster, fire outbreak, or unforeseen security threat, being equipped to handle emergencies makes a huge difference in minimising injury, damage and downtime.

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A Detailed Guide to Inspections And Surveys for Your Block

routine property inspection, Engineers inspecting building structure

The responsibility of managing a block property does not end with the lease agreements. It extends to continued assurance of safety and well-being for the residents who call it home. Therefore, regular maintenance and care is essential to keep your building in good condition and its residents happy.

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Why Accurate Record-Keeping Is Essential For Block Management

importance of record keeping, close up of a hand going through some records in a book

As a block or property manager, your role often involves managing a myriad of paperwork. From maintenance logs to financial statements, there’s no shortage of documents to handle. While the level of attention these documents demand may vary, accurate record-keeping is very important. You might wonder, “Why is accurate record keeping important?”, especially if your…

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6 Core Skills of an Effective Block Manager

property manager skills, Low angle shot of a beautiful modern building

There’s no doubt that property management is an enticing career option, offering a stable income and career growth. Block property managers play an important role in the real estate industry, helping building owners maintain and scale their businesses.

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