4 Reasons Why Customer Service is Paramount in Property Management

Having a block management company means entering a long-term business relationship for all residential property matters. While they ease the heavy workload on block managers and RMC directors like you, their role is not restricted to signing contracts, sourcing suppliers and solving maintenance problems. 

Instead, they cover so much more within their role. They need to consider tenant experience and ensure that chosen service providers are efficient, friendly and easy to deal with. From both a property manager’s and tenant’s point of view, customer service is paramount. 

A provider of exceptional residential property management services values client service and satisfaction above all else and actively finds ways to improve their experience. 

As a reputed property management firm, we at Habitare know the importance of exceptional customer service and the satisfaction of our clients. If you’re looking for reliable block management service providers, remember the importance of customer service.

In this article, we’ve drawn up 4 vital reasons you should prioritise customer service when looking for a property management company for your block. 

1. Effectively Handling Tenant’s Queries and Concerns

Tenants often have a slew of queries and concerns regarding the property that may be difficult for landlords to attend to and answer. This is where block management responsibilities come in ensuring a well-rounded strategy for handling tenant queries and concerns. 

Through effective communication channels, like email, dedicated hotlines, and online portals, tenants can report issues quickly. Entrust your resident property maintenance services to firms with experienced staff members so that queries are responded to in a timely, respectful manner.

Constant monitoring can help identify recurring issues and patterns so that you can adapt your processes moving forward. When searching for a property management firm, those who are accountable and receptive to feedback are a green flag for exceptional customer service.

Habitare is a property management company that puts its utmost focus on resolving tenants’ queries. If you are facing customer service issues with your current management company, maybe it’s the right time to switch to Habitare.

2. Promoting Transparency and Open Communication

Open communication and transparency are absolutely vital in any relationship and this also applies to those between property management companies and apartment owners or block managers. Your relationship with your block management company should be built of transparent communication so that you can trust how they operate and what they are implementing. 

If transparency is the blueprint of your relationship, open communication forms the structure on which your relationship stands. Is your residential property management services company allowing you access to important documents and financial documents on your request? Do you know the number of vacancies your block currently has? 

The best block property management companies are those that enable clear, consistent and honest communication with you, without any delay. As a result, your mind is put at ease, knowing you can access the information you need when you need it. 

Habitare is a company that prioritises trust and loyalty over everything else. With us,  communication channels are always open. To learn more about our services, contact us.

3. Conducting Client Surveys

Giving feedback is easier than receiving it and there is often a fine line between constructive and destructive. Service-based organisations often ask for feedback after attending to an issue or resolving a problem, but it may or may not be used for improving services. 

Rather than waiting for issues to crop up and then taking feedback, our approach is to ask for feedback before a problem arises. This helps the service firm take control of the feedback loop, showcasing true customer service.

One way to know if a residential property management services organisation genuinely cares about customer service is by checking if they ask for client surveys. Through online tools or bulletin boards, if your maintenance service company asks the right questions, collects feedback and actively improves their offerings, you know they are focused on keeping their clients satisfied.

4. Investing in Upgrades

The true mark of a business offering exceptional service is when feedback is acted upon. The collected feedback from tenants, property owners, and block managers likely mentions enhancements or improvements that are worth acknowledging. If your property management company proactively makes a few significant strategic upgrades, it will certainly boost your trust. 

It’s worth remembering that often the smallest changes have the biggest impact, be it small cosmetic fixes or technological upgrades.

Delighting customers is a great way to enhance customer satisfaction and foster customer loyalty. 

For Exceptional Residential Property Management  & Maintenance Services, Contact Habitare

Customer service is a tricky concept for many block management services companies to wrap their heads around. However, a good property management company that understands customer service determines the worth of the relationship between property managers, residents and owners. 

At Habitare, we believe that property management is about creating great living experiences for all and putting people first by offering remarkable customer service to all our clients. 

In addition to championing customer satisfaction, we can help your building or block with management contractors, repairs and maintenance, managing finances and secretarial services.To explore our services click here or contact us to learn more about us!