4 Building Defects You Need to Keep An Eye Out For

When it comes to your block property, the safety of your residents is paramount. To avoid issues or accidents, particularly associated with building defects, maintenance and regular checks are necessary.

Building defects are common, yet most are minor and fairly inconsequential. That being said, there are some building defects that pose a significant threat to the structural integrity of your block property and so need to be rectified. It’s essential you take actionable steps to solve these issues before they escalate into a major concern. 

By keeping an eye out for these common building defects you can ensure a safe space for your residents. In this guide, we will walk you through the 4 critical building defects you need to be aware of. 

Let’s spot the 4 signs of defects in a building! 

1. Structural Changes 

The structural integrity of your building depends on the foundation it lies upon. Over time, your building becomes susceptible to various structural changes that may be deteriorating, causing severe damage to your property. 

Structural weakness can be caused by a multitude of factors such as peeled-off paint, corrosion, and cracks in the wall. However, it doesn’t stop there. You also have to be mindful of broken window panes, improper doors, poor-quality ceilings and potential leaking problems within your property. 

Such residential building defects may lead to compromising the structural integrity and so must be addressed promptly. Staying vigilant means you can prioritise the safety of your residents, as well as save time and money in the long run. 

2. Roofing Problems 

The roof is the most integral part of your block property. If you notice any defects with your roof, you should take proactive steps to ensure it is addressed immediately. 

By regularly inspecting your property, you can spot signs of missing or broken shingles, sagging roof structures, leaks near the chimney areas or other issues that may be a cause for concern. There may also be a problem with the insulation of the roof, which can contribute to structural weakness. 

If you spot a sign of damage to your roofing, seek professional assistance. Professionals will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your defect along with prompt solutions, ensuring peace of mind, as well as saving you time and costly building repair work. 

3. Electrical Issues

Unlike other building defects, electrical issues can serve as a potential hazard. It is absolutely crucial for the safety of the residents that any problems with the electrical circuits of your building are dealt with immediately.

Some common electrical issues are wiring damage, flickering lights, frequent tripping circuit breakers or outlets that get warm. If you or your residents notice any faulty electrical signs, it is advisable to hire an electrician or professional to resolve them.

If your block property is an older building, it is worth checking the current electrical systems to make sure they work optimally. You may need to consider replacing your electrical system or scheduling frequent maintenance and performance checks. This planning reduces the risk of fire or electrical hazards.

4. Pest Infestations 

As a manager for your block property, it is essential you check for possible infestations. Keep an eye out for signs of pest infestation such as droppings, chewed wires or small holes. 

Common pests that can lead to building defects include termites, rodents, beetles, ants or wood-boring insects. To eliminate such issues, you can take the following preventative measures: 

  • Ensure the trash bins are emptied regularly. 
  • Keep all shared amenities and communal areas clean and tidy.  
  • Fix cracks or crevices that may easily allow pests to pass through. 
  • Make sure you undertake regular inspections to check for any pest infestation. 

By following these precautions, you can not only keep all the pests at bay but also make sure your property is a safe place to reside in. If you suspect a major pest problem, consult a pest infestation specialist and take appropriate measures to eliminate them. 

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